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4 ways to work from home on any device. Improve Security. Save Thousands.

For many businesses, its not as easy to pick up your laptop and work from home. When employees leave your office a few challenges need to be considered.

Many businesses are scrambling to find solutions that enable users to work from home. This rush has put a lot of strain on IT service providers to keep up with demand. Most businesses don’t have a suitable solution in place or does not perform adequately.

I recently witnessed an organisation that sent all employees home with their desktop PC’s, with no consideration for security. When moving your devices away from the corporate network, users may not be protected, and they will experience slowness when accessing their applications and files. Below are our top considerations to enable your users to work from home:

  • How will you protect devices and data when they are outside your environment?
  • How can files be accessed securely?
  • Can users work from home using their laptop/desktop?
  • Should staff login remotely via a VPN or Citrix environment?
  • How will you ensure your IP won’t get leaked?

Below I have put together a few options that will help you make better decisions about your work from home policy, while protecting your corporate network.

Securely access your network from any PC.

Even if the pc that is connecting to your network has been compromised, with remote access from Citrix, your corporate network is protected. Citrix has come a long way; it’s faster and more secure. Thanks to Citrix’s latest cloud solution, expensive Citrix projects and hardware are a thing of the past, users can securely remote into their desktop from home for only $25/month.

Share files on any device, securely.

With Office 365 SharePoint, your files are in the cloud. Thanks to the advanced security features of Microsoft 365, your data and devices will be secure. No need for on-premises file servers. SharePoint Online Migrations start at $1,900.

Move everything the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktops.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a desktop and app virtualization service running on Azure. It’s the only Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimizations for Office 365 and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. 

Moving to Azure used to take two-three weeks, thanks to solutions like Kloudily, you can move your infrastructure and set up your remote desktops in just as little as two hours. Windows Virtual Desktops user start at around $70/mo per user.

Secure all devices outside your corporate network.

Have your users already gone home? Is their firewall as good as your corporate firewall? Talk to us and discover how we can protect your users and your data. Data Protection starts at $1000/mo