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Our Work

About KNP Solutions

KNP Solutions is a leading financial firm with more than 40 years of experience in the heart of Melbourne. knp Solutions are more than accountants or tax agents, their personal approach means they are partners who enable customers to achieve their life and business goals.

Our Work

The Challenge

KNP Solutions first engaged us to review their IT infrastructure because their technology was making staff inefficient. After a botched migration to the cloud by their provider at the time, knp Solutions needed guidance on how to move forward. Their goal was to provide employees with a productive and flexible working environment and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Work

The Solution

We reviewed knp Solutions existing IT infrastructure and made recommendations to fix the issues with their provider at the time. After a few months of working together, we re-architected their network to ensure high availability and redundancy. We built a modern environment which allowed staff to work from anywhere securely.



  • IT isn’t a burden anymore with employee satisfaction on the rise
  • SharePoint’s capabilities are now fully utilised
  • Staff now have the freedom to work securely from anywhere
  • Failover works seamlessly and effectively
“Dealing with Linktech Australia is easy, it’s almost as if they are part of our team.”
Mei Wu

KNP Solutions Director

KNP solutions

The Journey

knp Solutions Director Mei Wu, says “the process has been fantastic, and the company has embraced technology.” Before knp Solutions joined the Linktech Australia family, employees were tied to their desks, applications didn’t run smoothly, and many systems were not cloud-ready.

Over the years, knp Solutions has grown from strength to strength as one of Melbourne’s leading accountancy practices. It became obvious their growing business required an agile environment, giving employees the ability to work securely from anywhere and collaborate in real-time.

For many years knp Solutions on-prem model suited their needs, but as demands changed this model was stretched. knp Solutions need for cloud technology put pressure on the business, and their provider at the time could not keep up. While knp Solutions started to

move its infrastructure before our engagement, their existing infrastructure was not up to the job.

We were engaged to audit knp Solutions existing technology and found several issues that stopped knp Solutions from utilising cloud technology fully. Mei said “My team trusts IT once again; they are starting to enjoy the benefits of the cloud”.

Many of these issues left employees frustrated and untrusting in their IT provider. We discovered a need for the business to not only upgrade their technology but to train staff on the new ways of working. We worked with Mei’s team to develop a well thought out approach that took her employees along the cloud journey.

Data is the lifeblood of knp Solutions and document management is critical to their success. We built an improved SharePoint environment, which made documents easy to find and collaborate on. Giving employees an efficient way to work and the freedom to access data from anywhere.

Also, we identified several ways the organisation could strengthen its network infrastructure. The solution included a secured network built from the ground-up with redundancy and security in mind. The new system has already saved knp Solutions with a business continuity plan that makes sure they are always online.

Mei says, “We love new technology, staff have their devices and applications are accessible in the browser.” This new way of working has given knp Solutions a competitive edge and has improved employee satisfaction and collaboration.