IT Consulting Services

Adoption & Change Management: Advice with your best interest at heart

Great IT consulting focuses on more than technology: it’s all about your people and processes.

Transforming culture is the best way to deliver true business outcomes.

The biggest challenge of transformation is changing the way we think

Architecture Roadmap

Research develop architecture roadmap to drive your digital future

A roadmap that’ll keep your business at the forefront of your industry.

Designing the right architecture starts with understanding your people, processes, current technology and then we’ll look at your needs of tomorrow. That’s where our consultants, designers and technicians begin with the needs, desired business outcomes and long-term strategy of your business, as well as any pain points you might have experienced with your existing technology. Our team of consultants understand that your organisation has limited resources and needs to get it right the first time.

Architecture roadmap

  • Provide a strategic approach to your organisations’ transformation
  • Determine key change attributes
  • Proposes a set of initiatives and potential options;
  • Identify future ICT resourcing requirements and dependencies.

Your business is unique, and we take the time to understand your challenges so that you’ll receive solutions that integrate new and existing technologies into your environment.

The roadmap can be used as a communication tool for your internal stakeholders. Providing them with a high-level view of the organisation’s ICT evolution by crucial business objectives.

IT Strategic Planning

Take advantage of the new digital workplace, improve efficiency

Cloud technology is rapidly changing the ICT landscape.

Organisations are now under pressure to keep up with the latest technology and foresee the future, so the organisation does not get left behind. Taking a strategic approach to ICT will make sure your organisation is set up for tomorrow. Future initiates will be delivered faster, with less risk and lower operating overheads.

We’ll help you address critical challenges that are holding your business back and develop a plan that will move you forward. ICT Strategic Plan is your opportunity to validate current technologies and service delivery models. Define a roadmap to meet the future demands of your organisation.

  • Build strong relationships between your business & ICT departments. Secure commitment to the ICT strategy

  • Guide future technology initiatives and investments

  • Align technology with your business goals and objectives

  • Fully integrate ICT systems across each department with organisation-wide ICT management

Solution & Service Design

Create better solutions that integrate your entire organisation.

Businesses are demanding more from technology, with less time and resources.

Responding to this demand requires technology that is fit for the purpose and most importantly: aligned with the overall business strategy while aligning with the ICT roadmap. We help your business remain competitive while making sure the technology you select is fit for purpose.

Our solution architects will design and architect custom solutions for your organisation that are built for your unique environment. Solution design is more than a single solution; it’s part of the big picture which is derived from the business plan.

Cyber Security

Next-level protection for tomorrow’s attacks

We understand that not every business has cyber security expertise in-house.

Inexperienced employees are often asked to identify products, seek service providers and develop tender documents without the understanding of their security needs.  We have the expertise and experience to work alongside your team, analyse your environment, advise on your direction and deliver a solution that protects your business and employees.

  • Strategy

    Create an identity, security and response plan that keeps you covered

  • Governance

    Stay out of the news, meet your data compliance requirements

  • Cloud security

    Design, deploy and optimise public and private cloud environments

  • Advanced testing

    Scan and uplift your incident response readiness

  • Controls

    Minimise risk and improve security controls

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Protect the lifeblood of your organisation, stay online and secure

We’re here to prepare you defend your business, maintain availability and recover quickly

Instant recovery in the event of a disruption, whether it be cyber-attack, fire, flood or any other disaster.

Businesses have more data than ever before. Your employees require access to applications and files to do their jobs and serve customers. We work with you to understand your existing environment and develop a strategy and roadmap that will ensure your business is resistant to the most demanding threats.

  • Reduce risks

    Any disaster, anytime, you’ll be protected

  • Recovery strategy

    Develop a business continuity strategy and disaster recovery plan;

  • Instant recovery

    Any app, data or document across any cloud. Backup and restore your systems on the fly in real-time

  • Automate testing

    Reporting that reduces risk and meets compliance

  • 24/7 support

    We’re here when you need us with local support

Journey to Cloud

Scale effectively with the best public or private cloud.

We maximise your transformation potential, focusing on speed and outcomes.

We develop a strategy and roadmap that guides you through your organisation’s cloud journey. Our expert advice and technical expertise will enable your business to effectively manage your technology in a Public, private or hybrid-cloud.