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Network Management & Support

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Network Management

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Network Monitoring
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Network maintenance and support in Melbourne and Sydney Australia

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IT network support for companies across Australia with offices located in Sydney and Melbourne.

We have a comprehensive range of IT network services which are created to suit the modern business.

When your IT network services are outsourced to Linktech Australia, you’ll have peace of mind that your network is always up and running efficiently, while being secured against tomorrows threats. Our 24/7 around the clock support covers you from the west coast to the east coast of Australia. Access world-class IT network maintenance and support by our expert team in Melbourne and Sydney who you can call on whenever you run into a crisis or need day-to-day help.

What is IT Network Maintenance & Support?

Network maintenance is the upkeep of your core network infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of keeping your systems online 100% of the time. The overall tasks include monitoring, optimisation and upgrades. This is done through patch management, troubleshooting, firewall & router maintenance, server upgrades and patching, monitoring and support.

As the demands of modern businesses change, this puts more demand on security, bandwidth, storage and throughput. Advances in cloud technology have put many networks are under pressure. Modern network infrastructure requires a proactive approach to keep up with user expectations while keeping them secure.

Network Monitoring

Our goal is to keep your critical assets online all the time optimally. Our network operations specialists will manage networks of any size. Reducing the risks of downtime and outages. Our team will monitor your networks for faults, availability, performance and security threats for your physical, virtual, hybrid-cloud solution and cloud network environments.

Server Maintenance

Just like any equipment in your business, servers require regular maintenance to run optimally. Internal components can be affected by dust and general wear and tear, while software can become unstable, resulting in performance issues. Our server technicians will proactively maintain and upgrade your servers to keep them running optimally. Our maintenance plans are designed to maximise the performance of servers on your network.

Network Maintenance

Our network administrators will manage your network maintenance, keeping you up-to-date and secure. We’ll document, install, replace, upgrade hardware and software; tune and optimise your routers and firewalls; secure infrastructure from internal and external threats; plan upgrades and enhancements; schedule backups and restore critical files while ensuring your business complies with legal regulations and corporate policies.

Network Security

Data is one of your businesses most valuable assets, and it’s one of the most vulnerable to security breaches. At Linktech Australia, we provide network security testing, management and maintenance to make sure your network and data is safe. We’ll assess your existing network and systems, identify flaws, risks and proactively address these concerns on an ongoing basis. Using the latest network security procedures and technology, our security engineers will monitor, test and optimise your network’s defence; protect your applications and users; manage and develop policies and provide intrusion detection.

Data backup

Ensure your company’s data is backed up and readily available in case of an emergency. Backup all your applications, servers, endpoints and mobile devices. Our backup solutions can be tailored to your specific needs for robust, secure backup and importantly quick and effective restore. We’ll work with you to understand your organisation and its data before designing a solution.

End-user support

Your staff need reliable and proactive support that will help keep them productive. Linktech Australia will provide around the clock assistance for hardware and software issues experienced on PCs, laptops or peripherals. This includes email support, user support where required and the maintenance of hardware and software.