What We Do

You’ll get fast decisions, responsible technicians and quality outcomes.

Virtual CIO

Guide and transform your business

With the constant pressure of technology demands from compliance requirements, security threats and a need to remain competitive, organisations need a clear IT strategy that drives efficiency, empowers growth while reducing operational risks.

Strategic Planning

Understand your current technology stack, expenditure and ROI

Gap Analysis

Identify gaps in your technology and improve business processes

Transformation Blueprint

Access a roadmap for digital success; adapt, transform and stay up to date

Stay ahead

Deliver a competitive advantage, and future-proof your organisation

Why a virtual CIO (vCIO)?

Not every organisation has the funds or maturity to have a dedicated CIO.

Small to medium enterprises often find themselves lacking this critical
role. In today’s continuously evolving technology, a CIO is vital in setting your organisations’ technical strategy, maximising ROl and protecting your infrastructure.

Linktech Australia has created an on-demand Virtual CIO service that
fulfils the role of a CIO within your organisation, saving you time and
money while remaining competitive.

Under the hood analysis

Keep an eye on technology your organisation is currently using, what is working, and what isn’t working well. For any business, maximising technology investments is critical to make sure that your money isn’t wasted.

Our CIO will work within your organisation. We’ll carefully analyse your business activities, business model, resources and infrastructure to create a clear and concise analysis of your technology resources and your return on investment.

Uncover technology gaps

Organisations often implement an array of technology solutions to overcome immediate challenges without considering the broader impact. This often leads to poorly integrated applications that don’t talk to each other.

In many cases, similar software applications that duplicate functionality results in needless technology expenditure. Resulting in poorly managed infrastructure that leads to a dysfunctional environment, which is plagued by time-consuming workarounds and open to security vulnerabilities.

Our CIO will work with your teams to uncover your technology gaps. We’ll take a look under the hood and identify unproductive systems and processes that your organisation is needlessly spending money on. We’ll set a strategic roadmap that streamlines processes and enables more effective use of your technology. Ensuring time and money can be allocated towards growing your organisation, instead of needless administration.

Plan for the future

Setting your organisation up for the future with access to the latest technological advancements is time-consuming and resource-intensive. The risks of poorly planned technology investments are heightened with numerous vendors that provide similar solutions that are not created equal.

How do you know you are choosing the right solution for your business? How can you be confident that you are going to get a return for your investment and that your preferred vendor is going to support your business plan?

We have extensive experience with small to large businesses and understand the risks of not getting it right. That is why our CIO will provide more than recommendations for your strategic direction for your new technology investments. We will look at your existing vendors, contracts and work with potential vendors. We also create comprehensive one, two, five and even ten-year plans based on your business plan so you can maximise your technology investments.