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Digital Workplace

Improve your employees' experience and security

Your employees increasingly rely on many devices and apps to do their jobs. IT departments have more pressure to find efficiencies in how they provision and support new devices or applications. This is why we are working with the best providers to enable a truly modern workplace.


Are you ready for a mobile workforce?

Empower employees to work from anywhere, within your organisation or external networks. We empower mobility in four main areas:

  • Governance over your endpoints – access, security and updates
  • Consistent user experience from desktop to mobile
  • Access to any app for mobile – virtual, web & SaaS
  • Access files and applications through a single interface

Productivity & Collaboration

Create an environment where employees can work together in real-time from anywhere.

With a connected collaboration environment, employees can work together, communicate and work together to achieve common goals.

  • Make meetings more efficient
  • Improve agility and employee productivity
  • Co-author documents remotely, by multiple people in real-time
  • Communicate easier and enable a culture of innovation
  • Reduce research and development costs

Up-to-date applications

Keep your critical applications up-to-date and secure.

Improve productivity and keep your employees happy with unified experiences across all your applications. Access the latest collaboration and security updates delivered to end users quickly and with minimal impact.

Proactive Insights

Take advantage of your data, discover and share insights that create actionable business enhancements.

Extract more actionable insights from your data with analytics, that ensure users have access to the right data, to make the right decisions.

Identify the latest reporting and visualisation opportunities and produce data-driven insights with the scalable capabilities of the cloud all based on your key business drivers.

Intelligent Security

Protect your data assets while employees connect from anywhere, via public or private networks.

Empower your employees while maintaining the highest levels of security. Remove the threat of security breaches, so employees can work from anywhere, on any device, with the knowledge that their data is protected.

We provide you with a holistic solution across all departments, that provides a single point of access to data and applications, at the time of need, intuitively, securely and instantly from any device.