About Us

Linktech Australia is a global provider of technology services including IT integration, professional, managed and cloud services. We specialise in designing and implementing technology solutions that not will only meet your current business requirements, but strategically prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

At Linktech Australia, we are an extension of your business, a true partnership working together to achieve your business goals. We work together with businesses that have the same values as us.

At Linktech Australia, we are all about people

Strong partnerships
We care deeply about our strategic network of partnerships and alliances. We work together with partners to provide our customers with access to the latest technologies and premium support.

At Linktech Australia, the focus is on customer experience across everything we do. We take pride in building strong relationships with customers by taking the time to understand your business so that what we deliver is focused on reducing costs, managing risk enhancing the service delivery to both your external and internal customers.

Our Values

Love what we do

Why Linktech Australia

Customer Focused

Deep Expertise


We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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