Cloud virtual desktops, virtual apps & cloud infrastructure

Work from anywhere, any time, securely.

Protect your data with cloud PCs, apps and infrastructure.

Enable staff to work from anywhere from any device, even if it’s an insecure or shared PC. Make it easier to access data on any device, without the security risks of Remote Desktop (RDP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

With Kloudily, you can remotely access physical PCs back in the office, create virtual apps and desktops that can be accessed from any insecure device. Move your entire network to the cloud, saving the hassle of maintaining legacy hardware and data centres.

Remote PC Access

Protect data and networks with secure access to physical PC’s back in the office

Cloud Infrastructure

Take care of your servers, backup, disaster recovery and infrastructure in the cloud

Cloud Desktops

Ideal if you only need virtual desktop environments with added security

Complete IT in the Cloud

Your complete IT environment is secure, managed and optimised by Kloudily

Design your cloud environment

Perfectly designed for your unique business.
Kloudily has three customisable plans to choose from, giving you access to select the right plan for your business. Whether you need virtual infrastructure, desktop or your complete IT infrastructure in the cloud, we have a plan for your business.

With Kloudily you can quickly design your environment online or we can design it for you.

Deploy 40x faster

Quickly and securely set up your cloud environment.
Cloud provisioning takes only a few clicks. Rapidly deploy your complete IT environment without the need for an experienced cloud engineer.

You can customise and deploy environment online yourself or we can do it for you.

Manage your infrastructure

Easily manage users, desktops servers and more from our centralised portal.
Kloudily‘s online portal allows you to easily manage users, desktops, shared mailboxes, servers, VPN, and backups online.

Remove the risk, human error and tedious tasks like password changes, unlocking users, resetting desktops, and changing group memberships.

Optimise usage and speed

Kloudily infrastructure is up to 63.7% cheaper when compared with Microsoft Azure. You’ll benefit from automated optionsation that is designed to reduce your spend, you’ll only pay for what you need.

Automatically turn up or turn down resources as your demands change by the minute. Add more sessions, users, desktops or storage as needed.

Adjust usage down to the minute, automatically without the need of a cloud admin.

Desktop as a service (DaaS) & Infrastructure as a service (DaaS)

Get Ready, your cloud will be ready within hours

  • IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

    • Move your entire infrastructure to the cloud, servers, applications, file servers, backup, DR and security.
    • Deploy virtual desktops with RDS or Windows
    • Virtual Desktop (WVD).
  • Optimise cloud spend, auto-scale in real-time

    • Right size each VM automatically based on demand.
    • Grow RDS or WVD desktop capacity as users start working and shrink it when users are done for the day.
  • Set up RemoteApps and publish them to your on-premises PCs as a streamed application

    • Host LOB applications, publish as a RemoteApp to end users.
    • Migrate legacy Windows applications, publish to end-users.
  • Extend on-premises RDS deployments, add virtual desktop capability to existing on-premises environments

    • Take advantage of WVD with FSLogix technology to deliver world-class virtual desktops to your on-premises environment.
    • Lift and shift your existing virtual desktop environments to Kloudily.
  • Create hot-site DR (DRaaS)

    • Replicate all on-premises VMs to Kloudily for quick failover. Turn the VMs on in case of a disaster or to conduct DR fail-over testing.
    • Achieve better RPO and RTO than leading DRaaS providers at a fraction of the cost.
    • Facilitate zero-impact DR testing at any time.