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More Value From Microsoft Teams

If you have started to use Teams, or you are about to migrate to Teams; we give you the guidance and support needed for success. 

We provide you with the tools, expertise and training that makes sure your environment is secure and working optimally.

Get Microsoft Teams: The professional guidance and support you need

Get the full potential from Microsft Teams, with a framework and implementation that is designed to ensure your environment is compliant and secure.

Clear, reliable calls

Bring your team together with calling on a global scale.

Extend and integrate

Add your favourite applications to enhance your experience.

Online Meetings

Enhance your communications, company meetings, training and events.

Instant messaging

Keep your team connected, no matter where they are.

Secure Collaboration

Enable access to resources, documents and video content.

Conversation channels

Chat and share content in private, in groups or organisation-wide.
Bring your organisation together with Microsoft Teams

Retail & Field Service

Discover Teams for Firstline


Discover Teams for Education


Discover Teams for Healthcare


Microsoft Teams for Firstline workers

For first-line workers, such as retail, flight crew and field service workers, being mobile is critical to the job.

Microsoft Teams gives first-line workers communication and collaboration tools that empower them on the go. Teams is simple and secure by design, with mobile-first features that help first-line workers manage shifts, share locations, share live video and the ability to talk or share audio messages.

Train on the go

Enable access to training resources from mobile and desktop devices.

Build a community

Connect and celebrate Team’s successes to increase engagement.

Shift Management

Manage schedules and keep in touch with your entire Team while on the go.

Protect and secure

Advanced and security features ensure that your staff and organisation are secure.

Microsoft Teams for Education

The digital hub for teachers and students that makes teaching easier
Bring conversations, content, assignments and apps together in one place with Microsoft Teams. Make education enjoyable with collaborative classrooms, connected learning communities, and allow students to communicate with staff easier.

Assignment management

Create, manage assignments, provide guidance and share feedback.


Create and manage private or public documents

Parent + Teacher communication

Bring staff and parents together to organise trips and events


Organise, manage and grade assignments faster

Professional development

Make professional development effective; collaborate with other educators

School Data Sync

Stay up to date with schedules and class rosters thanks to automated school data sync.
Norwich University
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Microsoft Teams for Healthcare

Empower healthcare professionals with Microsoft Teams. Share knowledge faster to monitor patients conditions efficiently and accelerate decision-making.

Connect instantly with secure messaging

Send messages, images and vital information withing a compliant and secure environment.

Coordinate patient care in one hub

Update patient records, share organise, prioritise, and coordinate care in one hub.

Collaborate with intelligent meetings

Improve meetings with video, audio and text chat, inside or outside your organisation.

Simplify administrative workflows

Streamline workflows and shifts, and share announcements across the organisation
Microsoft Teams is a solution for your entire healthcare organisation

Teams for: Physicians

Connect people and information; whether it’s across your Team or health system, while on the go or in a multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Teams for: Nurses

Manage resources and care across departments, digitise workflows, and coordinate care with real-time access to patient information.

Health administration

Teams for: Administrators

Communicate across all hospital staff, share important announcements and collaborate in one place.

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