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M365 Business Premium vs E3 Plans: Which Should You Choose?

Small businesses and medium-sized companies are expected to leverage the latest digital technologies to streamline work procedures and improve productivity.

Microsoft offers customers solutions to this trend in the form of Microsoft 365 (M365) – a productivity suite containing cloud-based office apps and collaboration tools. The suite is available through different plans that offer slightly different features depending on the complexity of the service.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 E3 are two plans on offer. While they might seem similar, you should be aware of their differences to ensure that you choose the right plan for your company.

M365 E3 vs Business Premium: what are the similarities?

The M365 suite and its plans are meant to be an all-purpose, comprehensive solution to enhance your company’s efficiency, collaboration efforts, and security frameworks.

In regards to the Business Premium and E3 plans, the main similarities are:

The productivity programs available

Microsoft’s productivity tools can streamline your organisation’s procedures by simplifying your employees’ daily tasks while keeping your teams connected, no matter if your organisation is remote or hybrid.

The M365 applications offered include:

  • Microsoft Teams 
  • SharePoint 
  • Outlook 
  • Word
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Exchange Online 

Regardless of whichever plan you decide is the most appropriate for your business, you are guaranteed to have access to critical work tools that are essential for enhancing your organisation’s performance and streamlining critical operations.

Payment method

Microsoft 365 follows a per-user/month payment model based on a flat-rate fee. 

While the exact prices for M365 Business Premium and M365 E3 are different – $30.20 per user/month and $52.20 per user/month, respectively – the processes surrounding the payments are the same.

This is incredibly useful for organisations as it makes it easier to factor the suite into a company’s IT budget for a more precise plan and a reduced likelihood of wasting resources.

Cloud framework

Every software solution in the M365 suite is based in the cloud. This means they are accessible via the internet on an authorised device, such as a mobile phone or computer. Information can be accessed at any time and from any location. Unlike traditional software, there is no need for lengthy installations – Microsoft’s solutions can be used immediately.

Its cloud-based model allows Microsoft 365 to be easily scalable and accommodating for any number of users at a given time. Organisations that embrace digital technologies are expected to lead the charge for digital transformations and prepare themselves for more profitable growth.

Microsoft 365’s E3 and Business Premium plans leverage cloud technology to provide your business with usable, robust solutions.

The differences between M365 E3 and M365 Business Premium

No one would blame you for mistaking Microsoft’s enterprise plans with their business plans – the similarities are glaringly evident. However, when researching your company’s next investment, gathering as much information as possible to make more informed, holistic decisions is crucial.

If you do not consider more minor details in your decision-making process, you risk overlooking potential issues and wasting money on the solution that may not offer you the most value.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft E3 are different in the following ways:

Cyber security

As a general rule, Microsoft’s advanced security features are based on the latest industry research and trends. No matter the plan you adopt, you can protect your company’s IT infrastructure with comprehensive, responsive digital safety programs and policies, such as Microsoft Intune and data loss prevention.

However, when comparing and juxtaposing the E3 and Business Premium plans, you should be aware of a slight difference in the individual security solutions. Unlike Business Premium, E3 is not equipped with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – an anti-phishing program for promoting safe links in emails and detecting prospective threats.

The number of intended users

The individual subscriptions in the M365 suite were developed to serve as a foundation for your business’s IT infrastructure. From the business standard plan up to the enterprise subscriptions, each package contains an intended number of users for more convenience and better value for money.

The Business Premium plan is meant for organisations with 300 users or less. The E3 plan caters for companies with more than 300 users. Even though nothing is stopping you from choosing a plan intended for companies larger or smaller than yours, the depth of service each subscription provides should be considered when you are investigating specific packages.

Additional features

Various other features in the subscriptions separate them from each other. While they can be small and may not be relevant to your organisation’s needs, you should keep them in mind when researching the M365 suite.

  • Other differences include:
  • Menus in Microsoft’s Admin Console – E3 lets you create 45 menus. Business Premium limits you to 15.
  • Mailbox size – E3 provides you with a 100GB mailbox limit. Business Premium offers 50GB.
  • Business analytics and intelligence programs – E3 has more of these tools in its subscription than Business Premium.

Investing in your company’s IT tools is not a decision to be taken lightly. Your choices must be based on concrete information and thorough research to ensure that your new programs will not cause significant disruptions to your business moving forward.

Microsoft 365 E3 vs Business Premium: need further guidance?

M365’s subscriptions provide companies with versatile tools that help them improve their organisational efficiency and response to the market. Business, like technology, is constantly changing and it is crucial that you satisfy, and possibly define, upcoming trends.

The Microsoft 365 experts at Linktech Australia can help your business improve its output by offering a range of M365 managed services and recommendations for appropriate plans. Reach out to the team today to support your staff and innovate your business.