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Microsoft Teams FAQ May 2020

We regularly get a lot of questions about Microsoft Teams. This month we have put together a list of FAQ which we have put together to help you with any issues you may face with Microsoft Teams.

Is Multi-Window Chat still being released? I don’t have access to it.

Teams Multi-Window Chat is currently in development. You can refer to the M365 Product Roadmap.

Do you need Admin rights, or do you need to be part of the Team to send to multiple channels?

You don’t have to be an admin to send to multiple channels. However, the owner of a Team can set moderation rules to prevent members from posting to their Team. Refer to this link, 

When are private channel features going to become available to the general population?

Microsoft has been rolling out Private Channel to Customers since Q42019. Refer to this link.

Will there be the capacity to see more than 4 participants any time soon on Teams?

The ability to display more than four videos is currently rolling out. Teams will have the ability to view 3×3 videos or up to 9 videos concurrently. Refer to the April update on Teams, 

When will the SMS sign-in feature be available in Team?

Currently, SMS Sign-In is in preview. Refer to this link.

Is there a way to set a person in a conference call as a ‘presenter’, so they take the entire screen space, and have only their video feed shown as such in the conference recording as well?

Currently, you can define a presenter in a Teams meeting so only the presenter can share screen, presentation, allow guest etc. The ability of a presenter view is coming soon. Information on Teams meeting options can be accessed here

How to add people outside your organization as guests?

You can add external parties to your meetings as guests. Refer to this link.  

Is there call recording ability with the Teams Calls?

Yes, Teams calls can be recorded; there is an option within the call window. For more refer to this guide.

How many external users can be in a Team meeting?

Currently, 250 people can participate in a Teams Meeting. For more, refer to this guide.

Is there a size limit to files that can be added to the meeting?

File size limits during a meeting are 15 GB per file. Teams use SharePoint and OneDrive for Business as the storage for meetings. Scheduled meetings will store the data in OneDrive for Business of the organizer, while Meetings in Channels will save the files in the SharePoint folder of the channel. Refer to this link.

What was the camera/products that focus on a physical whiteboard?

You can find more about camera products for physical whiteboards here.

What is the Best Practice when an organization needs to use a combination of both Teams and Skype for Business, internally or with multiple organizations?

You can refer to this documentation for the coexistence of SfB and Teams.

What License SKU is needed to enable dial into a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Dial-in requires Audio Conferencing License. For more, refer to this link.

Is there a plan to roll out Business Voice in Australia?

Currently, we don’t have visibility regarding this. For more, refer to this link.

Microsoft announced that the OneDrive/SharePoint limit had been increased to 100 GB. This seems to available in OneDrive, but not OneDrive for Business. Is there an update on this rollout?

Currently, it is still in development with a plan to release in June CY 2020.

What are the issues/concerns with Skype for Business (SFB) on-premise with Islands mode?

Please refer to the following documentation for the interoperability of Teams and SfB.

We’re having technical issues with the Teams > Consumer Skype interoperability – where should go to ask about this?

This feature is currently still in preview.