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With the rise of data, wireless networks and digital devices, it’s increasingly difficult to ensure the safety and security of your data. Without a good data backup and disaster recovery plan, downtime can cause major issues to your bottom line.

Linktech Australia provides the data protection you need at an affordable monthly rate, giving you peace of mind and ensuring business continuity. Additionally, you benefit from having all data backed up remotely, so you can access it in the event of a natural disaster or network/systems outage.

DR Assessment

Have you completed a certified and compliant DR Assessment? Have you implemented a regular testing methodology of your DR Plan? Do you need help designing your DR strategy? Linktech Australia has successfully worked with customers to tailor a DR Plan, perform a full risk assessment and perform successful DR tests. Linktech Australia works with you to determine your critical business risks and create the DR strategy specifically for you.


Can you guarantee that everything in your business is backed up regularly and the restore process is fast and efficient? As part of our guaranteed backup solutions, Linktech Australia monitors the schedules, ensure the data is verified and implement clear processes on how to restore data. Linktech Australia documents these procedures in the event that you need to perform a recovery.

DR simulation

Disaster recovery is just as much about the people and business process as it is about the technology. Having a documented plan is critical, however performing a full live simulation is essential, should you need to invoke DR. Linktech Australia works with you to not only create the strategy but do regular simulations, so that in the end you call the event, all your key stakeholders are well prepared to ensure the process is smooth and you retain business continuity.

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Why Choose Linktech Australia

Our engineers have certifications from some of the world’s leading organisations including Cisco, HPE, Quest, Cohesity and  Microsoft

We offer highly secure server and network environments covered by an easy to understand Service Level Agreements

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