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Get more from SharePoint with Development Specialists based in Melbourne

Linktech Australia is a leading Gold Microsoft partner in Melbourne. Our team of SharePoint specialists work with you to plan, design and develop your new intranet that your employees will love while protecting your intellectual property.

It doesn’t matter if your organisation is in the government, commercial, or not‑for‑profit sectors. We will create a SharePoint solution that is suited to your specific needs.

Maximise SharePoint ROI

It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring SharePoint for the first time or already have in your organisation. Our Melbourne based specialists will make sure your business will get a tangible return on your SharePoint investment. We work with you to understand your requirements and develop the best plan of approach that will ensure your users will love the new look, business data is accessible and protected. Your organisation will get access to effective document management, increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and streamlined business processes.

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Six tips for SharePoint development success:

  • Try not to call it SharePoint

    Let’s face it, not every project is a success, and it takes time to get things right. If the first iteration fails, then people will always mistrust SharePoint. Give is a name that sparks interest and is more closely aligned with your business.

  • Make the architecture logical

    When designing your new intranet, try and make it consistent as possible and make data easy to access with only 2-3 clicks from the homepage.

  • Show off your creation

    When creating your new fancy intranet or collaboration hub, you’ll need a communication plan. Collect feedback on what users need, organise launch events when you reach a milestone and get a little bit of enthusiasm going, so users embrace change.

  • Train your users

    To improve employee satisfaction and adoption, you should consider training them. They’ll be able to do more with SharePoint and will be motivated to use it.

  • Analyse your business processes

    It’s not always SharePoint that’s at fault. Often complex paper based processes hinder success. When digitising processes, remove complex workflows in favour of simple digital processes.

  • Make Governance simple and enforce it

    You should always consider a governance plan that’s well thought out, simple and easy to understand. If it’s too big, no one will read it. Try and make it easily indexable so users can search and jump to different sections.

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Why choose a SharePoint Specialist in Melbourne?

SharePoint offers easy online document sharing and collaboration. If you want to get the most from content management and team collaboration from SharePoint, you’ll need an expert who knows how to get the most value. Choose Melbourne based specialists:

  • Better Team Productivity – Share information easier with internal and external stakeholders securely.
  • Data Management Systems – Easily make approvals while editing documents, with document checkouts and security features ensure your information is secure.
  • Quick SharePoint Services – Quickly make new team spaces, customise interfaces and design your business processes.
  • Intuitive Interface – Simple views and navigation menus make tasks easy, streamline navigation or combine with other productivity tools such as Office 365. Check notifications, schedule your calendar and create your new workspaces.
  • Information Storage & Security – Total security is assured, with full control over tasks, documents, access and membership roles.
  • Application Alignment – Powerfully integrate and automate workflows with other applications.
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