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understand your customers with microsoft forms

When it comes to customer engagement, you have a lot of options to try to discover what your target market wants when it comes to products and services. Research shows that engaging customers by asking for feedback and following up to show you are listening improves customer experience and secures loyalty. Focusing on improving customer experience has been shown to increase revenue and is a key to successful business growth. 

There are many ways businesses can connect with customers to understand their needs and wants, and one of the more powerful and easy to use tools is Microsoft Forms, available to businesses with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms was launched in 2016 and has quickly risen to become one of the most popular survey tools available to businesses wanting to know more about their customers. The tool has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to create questions, collect responses and export the data in a meaningful way.  

Compared to other survey tools, Microsoft Forms is more flexible and dynamic, allowing users to import rich media like logos, images, videos, polls and interactive content. With a few clicks, you can create surveys or polls from existing templates and then publish the form online. The process is easy for you but also your customers as they can access it on any device-computer, phone or tablet. All data is automatically captured once the form has been completed so that customers don’t have to do anything to send the information back. 

Connecting with customers through Microsoft Form

Microsoft Forms is a portal for interacting and understanding customer behaviour and building customer loyalty. You can use Microsoft Forms to better understand what current and potential customers are looking for from your business. The type of data you collect will offer insights into their needs and wants, how they think, and how you’ll be able to change or provide your services better or more appropriately. 

You can also embed your Microsoft Form on the website or blog of your choice. This way, you will be able to encourage visitors to your site to fill it out and provide feedback on products or services they have used before. You can create a quick and easy poll by using Microsoft Forms, but you could also create a more in-depth survey that would benefit from understanding people’s opinions better. By collecting information about what people think about certain products or services, this data can then be put into action to drive future business decisions about product development, new markets, and even marketing campaigns. 

Ways to use Microsoft Forms for feedback include:

  • Customer service feedback 
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Tracking your buyers’ journey
  • Feedback on specific interactions
  • Market research
  • Product development.

Using Microsoft Forms to know your customers better

Microsoft Forms is very simple to use. You can choose from the templates provided or create your own. Once you have decided your format and created your survey or poll, there are a number of ways to get the form in front of your target audience:

  • Directly email the form to customers from Microsoft Forms
  • Download and send a QR code
  • Create a link to send via email, text, or messaging
  • Embed a special code on a webpage or blog
  • Use social media to send the form.


Microsoft Forms makes it easy to see responses to your form through the interface. When you open your form, you can click on the ‘Response’ tab and see the data. Once you’ve collected data from your surveys, processing and collating the data analysis is the next vital step. You can sort the data via demographics, the number of responses, questions most frequently answered, etc. Reporting consumer data analytics is easy as Microsoft Forms integrates with Office 365 apps. You can create charts or graphs in Excel, or insert data from Forms into a PowerPoint slide presentation for colleagues to see. 

Get started with the Microsoft experts

When you reach out to your customers to engage with them on a personal level, the information that emerges can help you improve business and relationships with both current and new clients. If you haven’t started using Microsoft Forms yet, there are numerous benefits that you could be missing out on. Talk to the Microsoft experts at Linktech Australia about customer data management solutions like Microsoft Forms today to power up your business advantage with this innovative technology.