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Windows 365: The new era of cloud computing

Microsoft have done it again! On August 2, be prepared for the computing world to change yet again when Microsoft release Windows 365 – their hybrid solution that should fit seamlessly into our increasingly hybrid lives. With Windows 365, you will be able to stream your personalised windows experience – including desktop, apps, settings, and content – at any time to all your devices. No longer will you have to worry about whether your device is Windows compatible or whether it has the best specs because Microsoft have set out to modernise the way Windows experiences are delivered, and they have succeeded. Windows 365 offers a premium experience for both your users and your IT department with a new era of computing – the cloud PC.

What is a cloud PC?

Simply put, a cloud PC is a remote desktop, but Microsoft have taken on the term in an attempt to distinguish Windows 365 from other Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) like the traditional VDI used by your IT team and those with VMs that can be slow to kick off and may not keep any personal information. It uses the power of the cloud along with the ability of the device to give a seamless cross-device Windows experience you’d previously only dreamed of. The biggest differentiator, though, is the fact that you can log off on one device and start exactly where you left off on another device – no matter the device or the location.

Security and Compliance

Windows 365, and the cloud PC, is a cloud-based solution designed to suit our increasingly hybrid working models while retaining the high levels of security and compliance that your business demands. With this in mind, Microsoft offers full regional and industrial compliance like they do with all of their products, AND Windows 365 allows you to say goodbye to those dodgy VPNs you’ve probably been using. Your cloud PC is separate from the device you use to access it, so, in this way, you retain complete control over your data and can, therefore, stop it from being replicated on local PCs.

The Zero Trust security model has also been implemented meaning you can enact multifactor authentication (MFA) along with conditional access policies for login verification and risk assessment. It also works on the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) access, so you can assign specific operations like licensing, device management, and cloud PC management using specific roles.

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What are the benefits?

If the fact that you can work seamlessly and securely anywhere in the world and from almost any device isn’t enough, in true Microsoft style, that’s only the tip of the iceberg of benefits that Windows 365 offers. Windows 365 is about making things easier – not harder. So, the biggest benefits are not only the user-focussed ones of a seamless and secure experience; they are also management-focussed.

Your IT team will no longer need to worry about the infrastructure needed to set up and manage it. There are also no new management tools or models to learn because Microsoft have created it to be compatible with how you normally manage your physical devices – with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). From here, you can manage apps and policies as well which is similar to other Windows devices.

They have also planned for health and performance monitoring capabilities by adding an inbuilt analytics component which allows you to monitor the health of your VNETs and domain connections. Microsoft also run continual diagnostics through their watchdog which will alert you if there is a problem AND offer you suggestions to correct the issue. Now, if that doesn’t make things easier for you, nothing will.

Business Forecast: Cloudy – just the way it should be

Businesses need to be agile and ready for change. They must take advantage of the latest technological advancements, so they can discover, develop, and adopt. The cloud PC is going to be revolutionary because it allows organisations to support their business needs with minimal effort and cost, and the experts at Linktech Australia can help. Contact the team today to learn more about cloud-based solutions, and how they can improve your business.