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Simplifying apps, desktops and devices with Citrix and Chrome Enterprise

With cloud adoption gaining popularity in the corporate sector, there seems to be an increased need for mobile devices and hardware to allow employees work from anywhere, and at anytime. A 2019 study showed that flexible working led to an increase in productivity in employees, and a recent Forbes article highlighted that employee mobility leads to 30% better processes and a 23% increase in productivity.

This trend in mobility has created a demand in organisations for more secure mobile endpoints which are able to access work systems including legacy line-of-business or Windows apps. To fulfill this demand, Google announced a partnership with Citrix to bring XenApp and XenDesktop to Chrome Enterprise. 

This partnership has led to an extensive collaboration between Google and Citrix with the combined aim of helping more businesses embrace the cloud.

The partnership also led to some positive outcomes such as enabling admins to manage Chromebooks through several enterprise mobility tools, including Citrix XenMobile. In addition to this, Google also demonstrated how the Citrix and HealthCast combo on Chrome Enterprise helped healthcare practitioners access electronic health records and virtualised apps securely on Chrome OS, using their proximity badges.