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Please join us for our ‘Business Unusual – As a Catalyst for Change

Current research predicts it’s unlikely we’ll ever return to our previous work status quo.

According to Nemestes Research “among all companies with employees working from home now, 70.6% say they’re likely to continue doing so…”

Please join the Linktech Australia and RingCentral webinar July 28 – 11am to 12pm where we’ll discuss how to successfully transition from temporary or makeshift remote working arrangements to a more productive, secure and sustainable work environment for remote and office based employees.

During our webinar we will dive into:

  • Strategies and tools to better manage a hybrid office / remote working workforce
  • Cover the important (and often overlooked) considerations around WFH employee security and connectivity
  • Discuss ‘Application Overload’ and to overcome it
  • Delve into some of the hidden benefits for businesses transitioning to a hybrid office/remote work environment.

We’ll also be giving away 3 x $150 Visa Gift cards during the webinar AND we’ll shout you lunch by emailing you a $35 Uber Eats Voucher!