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Linktech Australia’s Social and Environmental Commitment

In 2022, every company should be striving to positively contribute to the world we live in, so we can make it a better place for everyone both now and in the future. To do this effectively, companies should have corporate sustainability policies and goals in place and make actionable plans to see them through. Linktech Australia takes this to heart, and as a company, we are committed to making our business as environmentally sustainable and socially responsible as possible.

Our dedication to social and environmental causes is the cornerstone of our corporate sustainability strategy, which not only defines our objectives and how we will achieve them in order to be a positive contributor but is also the catalyst for all the other sustainability initiatives that we undertake on an ongoing basis.

We are proud to say that ensuring a better future for both people and the planet is one of the company’s top priorities, so we want to contribute to the improvement of the community, environment, and society as a whole. Linktech Australia has a strong track record of taking this endeavour seriously, and this can be seen in our partnership with PonyUp for Good.

PonyUp for Good is a social and environmental initiative based around reusing and recycling technology that has been discarded by both businesses and individuals. Every year, we throw away our decommissioned technology into landfill, thinking that it can never be used again. This is not only detrimental to the environment, but it is damaging to the health of our society. By partnering with PonyUp for Good, Linktech Australia has been able to make a positive impact to try and help turn things around for the better.

Through this initiative, Linktech Australia has gone above and beyond by keeping a staggering 17,067kg of technology out of landfill. This has helped reduce the amount of chemicals that pollute our soil and water and, therefore, prevent it from further damaging people’s health. Each year, Australia produces upwards of 54 million tonnes of e-waste – much of which can be reused and recycled but is not – with reports suggesting that it will reach 70 million tonnes by 2030. If we continue in this manner, it won’t be long until we have no place to call home. At Linktech Australia, though, we are effectively doing our part to keep as much technology as we can from further polluting the world we live in.

While we are proud of our contributions so far and the amount of technology we have kept out of landfill, we are also happy to say that our actions have helped in other ways. 63.29% of this technology was able to be reused and sold back into the technology ecosystem, resulting in PonyUp for Good being able to donate 13,149 fresh meals on Linktech Australia’s behalf to people who really needed them. 

Through this practice, we not only endeavour to create an environmental balance but a social one as well. We believe that everyone has the right to live a life free of hunger and malnutrition and that we all have a responsibility to ensure that both our people and our planet are kept as healthy as possible.

We are incredibly proud of our achievements and the opportunities to help others that come with it. We would like to thank our customers for their support in making this possible, and we hope everyone will continue to do what they can to advance this cause.