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Clearing Up a few misunderstandings about MSPs

What comes to mind when you hear the term  “managed service provider”? Probably not much – which is understandable as the term doesn’t offer much insight into what we do, or why it should mean anything to you. 

As with most IT-related terms, the ambiguity and vagueness of the term might further confuse laypeople. Therefore, through this article, we wanted to offer some clarity and set the record straight on what exactly a managed service provider is.

What are Managed Service Providers (or MSPs, if you prefer)?

The title alone is enough to throw people. I mean, what sort of services need managing and how does a provider come into play?

Good question.

Basically, we’re the equivalent of the internal IT team that you may or may not have, and our job is to assess and manage your entire technology stack.

This can include (without being limited to) a remote monitoring service, advice on technology solutions, assisting you in procuring and maintaining new technology, implementing new technologies such as cloud computing, keeping your data secure and keeping you technically compliant with industry regulations.

Should We Be Replacing Your In-House Tech Staff Then?

Once business owners fully grasp the full extent of what we are capable of,  they may begin to wonder whether there is any point in keeping in-house IT resources, or whether it would be better to just outsource all of their IT responsibilities to us.

While we appreciate the confidence in our services, the majority of the time we will work with your internal teams and complement their expertise (unless of course, you have no in-house IT staff to fire).

In reality, we work just as well with in-house IT staff, as we do as a standalone management solution. Most internal IT teams constantly battle with keeping workloads manageable – and between providing IT support, managing current technology, and playing a key part in business strategy, there isn’t enough time to keep on top of the workload.

This is where we come in.

Our job is to pick up the slack and address “outsourceable” jobs in the background so that your staff can focus on crucial, strategic tasks which cannot be outsourced.

If however, you don’t have an IT team to begin with and you respond to IT incidents as at when they occur, we can constitute your It team, offering you a more valuable service than that offered by inconsistent, arbitrary providers.

We Can Handle Almost Anything You Throw At Us

“But my industry needs are different – can you keep up?”

If this is you, we have two words for you – Try Us.

If compliance and minutely specialised solutions are key factors to your success, why risk it all on the expertise of an outside source?

Again, TRY US.

We exist to help businesses with their technology problems. This means that, as these solutions evolve and develop, we continually educate ourselves. How does this problem need to be handled? Is there a better option that we should learn more about? Find out what Managed IT Means.

As a result, we’re pretty up-to-date on most things IT.

To discuss your particular needs further, reach out to us or read some of our other blogs to learn more about how we can help you.