Asset and location management

Organisations in today’s corporate landscape need to be able to track and locate valuable assets at a moment’s notice. Accurate asset location data is providing organisations with the ability to manage compliance, utilisation and servicing.

Do you know how many assets your company has? What condition they’re in or where they’re located? Who or what department is using them? Mobile asset tracking is a critical component of effective resource allocation.

LeashView (Leash It’s) asset tracking software makes monitoring and reporting easier for you and your organisation. LeashView collects all the location data and provides the user with an easy to use interface. Knowing the location of all your valuable assets 24/7 enables you to make more informed decisions, as in many organisations, the underutilisation of assets can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. More informed buying decisions enables businesses to stay efficient and agile, leading to better utilisation of valuable assets. Knowing the location of assets also helps with managing compliance regulations, the Leash It software allows rules to be applied which alert management if a device has not been returned after a certain period.


LeashView sensor receivers provide all business users with the extra security and insights they need to protect assets and lives.  Sensors available include water leakage, gas leakage, humidity, pressure, light, temperature, smoke and fire.


LeashView can assist Health Care organisations to optimise processes and inventory, reducing running costs and increasing profit.

LeashView provides detailed analytics on your assets location history and allows staff to search for specific assets, all on the one platform. This delivers the insights you require to create greater efficiencies in your hospital.
By having the ability to view room level accuracy across your entire facility, you can instantly save time and money.
Location based tracking is the most valuable financial and analytical tool the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution will bring to hospitals. Lost productivity, underutilisation and misplaced/theft of assets in hospitals can be in the tens of millions of dollars each year.

Aged Care

LeashView’s devices and software work seamlessly to track and manage the location of patients. Regardless of what you would like to track, LeashView’s Real Time Locating System (RTLS) will provide aged care facilities with the insights you require. Location based tracking powered by BLE is the most valuable financial and analytical tool the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring to businesses. Leash It builds both hardware and software focused on creating connected communities and devices. All the solutions that we build are designed to feed into our “Community of Things” (CoT).

We see aged care and elderly support as an area which with technological advancement can help facilitate better lives for individuals and families all over the world. We want to see a future where families of people living in their own homes feel safe and secure.

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