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As leaders in technology, our professional services team provide expert knowledge and advice so that your business has the right technical pathway. Our process is to develop, tailor and implement the most effective technology solutions that integrate with your business practices. We recognise that technology is ever changing and complex, therefore our Professional Services team bring deep industry knowledge and skills.

We ensure a consultative approach in many specific technologies including Cloud, Office 365, Networking and integrated security solutions. We also work to deliver infrastructure services and deploy complex on-premise solutions.

Our consultants work with your organisation to develop a digital workspace, performance and capacity management solutions, business continuity planning with a focus on security and compliance.

Our philosophy is to excel in communication and execution, knowing we are working to deliver within a budget and approved timeline. All our consultants are highly skilled professionals certified to deliver to best practice solutions. The team maintain proactive relationships with both our technology partners and our customers to ensure we honor this philosophy.

The Linktech Australia service delivery methodology offers end-to-end professional services with the focus on your business outcomes.

Strategic Roadmaps

Planning for your future and understanding new trends and patterns are critical to your organisation. When developing a technical roadmap with you and your team, we take into account your business outcomes and design a tailored strategy specifically for you.

We work closely with your key stakeholders to assess what you have today, plan for the future and constantly analyse and assess to enable you to focus on your business.



Data protection, security and advanced threat analytics is vital to the uptime and confidence of your team.

Being able to protect your team, as well as your corporate intellectual property is not only important for compliance but also allows the confidence to sleep at night knowing your business is secure.

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Cloud
  • Testing
  • Controls


Working together with your team in a collaborative manner is only part of the challenge, being able to communicate securely and effectively with your customers is also essential.

Being able to work seamlessly across the globe, in an easy and effective manner will give you and your team the confidence to work the way you need.

  • Align collaboration to your business objectives
  • Create a culture that thrives on collaboration and teamwork
  • Work through challenges of silos, remote workers and global teams
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Self Service IT

Create customised portals and self-service functionality for your organisation to give your team the best service and fast access to resources.

Whether it’s the ability to download and install approved company applications, reset a password securely or research a company policy, we can design a self service portal and solution for your organisation.

  • Reduce costs by letting the experts solve your issues;
  • Minimise wait times for support queries; .
  • Increase user knowledge;
  • Allowing your users to find the answers themselves;
  • Improvethe relationship between IT and your users;
  • Improve consumer satisfaction.

Unified Endpoint Management

Manage every device and every use case with unified endpoint management.

Automation and deployment of company application on multiple devices, saves time, money and ensures compliance across your IT environment.

  • Modernize desktop management;
  • Increase mobile productivity;
  • Protect apps and data on any network;
  • Automate processes and access intelligent insights.
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Backup and Storage

Can you guarantee that everything in your business is backed up regularly and the restore process is fast and efficient?

Linktech Australia makes sure you have the right storage platform at all times. Not all storage platforms are the same, we work with you so you understand what storage solutions work for you. We specialise in on-premise storage solutions whilst understanding cloud storage tiers.

As part of our guaranteed backup solutions, Linktech Australia monitors the schedules, ensure the data is verified and implement clear processes on how to restore data. Linktech Australia documents these procedures in the event that you need to perform a recovery.

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