Prepaid IT Support Services

Full access to our specialists, without the commitment of a fixed-term contract.
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Control how you engage IT Support

For times that you need extra help without the commitment.

We can supply skilled resources, who can blend into your project or team.  Our resources can offer assistance, advice or simply perform a regular service on your environment.

Our Prepaid services provide you with the flexibility of a skilled workforce, without the commitment of a contract. Our prepaid services can be bought in various pack sizes. Contact us for more details.

Enjoy the flexibility of professional IT Services, without the commitment. You can use our pre-paid IT support to enhance your IT capabilities.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for help on a complex IT project or need help with supporting your existing teams, we can work with you and provide the extra capability.

24/7 Service Desk

Our round the clock coverage Helpdesk team is here to help

No Contract Support

Access our no lock-in contract, giving your flexibility for when you need it. 

Local Resources

Get support from our local Australian based support team

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