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Australian MSP: The Evolution of Managed Service Providers

Since the earliest days of commercial computing, businesses have faced a unique set of technical challenges. Apart from being expensive to acquire and maintain, IT infrastructure requires expertise which is specialised, difficult, and expensive to find, recruit, hire, and retain. Since the days of time-sharing of mainframe computing in the 1960s, organisations have progressively found…


What Is Managed IT and Why Do I Need It?

The top five reasons to consider employing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Traditionally an organisation’s IT services were either exclusively handled by their in-house IT professionals, or outsourced on a piecemeal basis when needed. Over the last decade, however, the trend has been to outsource IT services through a subscription model. This is known as…


Managed IT: Why Outsource Your IT Support?

The “as a service” trend is changing the way products and service are consumed. Almost anything can be set up “as a service” giving organisations the ability to consume service without having to pay outright. The most appealing aspect of “as a service” is that companies can move significant capital expenditure into operational expenditure and…

misunderstandings about MSPs

Clearing Up a few misunderstandings about MSPs

What comes to mind when you hear the term  “managed service provider”? Probably not much – which is understandable as the term doesn’t offer much insight into what we do, or why it should mean anything to you.  As with most IT-related terms, the ambiguity and vagueness of the term might further confuse laypeople. Therefore,…