Microsoft Windows and Office 365 Security

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It’s difficult to run a business without thinking about security. Almost every day you hear or read about new threats and vulnerabilities. Whatever your business is you need to keep threats from compromising your data, your devices, and your ability to run your organisation.


Microsoft 365 Business gives you peace of mind by protecting your business in an integrated, simplified way. And with the latest Windows 10 you get security features like: identity protection with Windows Hello, information protection with BitLocker, and threat resistance with Windows Defender Anti-Virus.

Information Protection

Today’s organisations require security of on-premises systems for cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365, control over the access to information and tools to help them respond quickly when a breach occurs. Linktech Australia can help you employ tools that will better protect business data, guard against accidental sharing of sensitive information, protect data in cloud applications, and improve compliance.

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Threat Protection

Today’s threats call for an integrated, analytics-driven solution that helps enterprises stay ahead of current and emerging cloud threats to secure their data and users, and to remediate issues and recover quickly. Linktech Australia can build a practice that helps you proactively guard against threats, use advanced analytics to identify breaches and threats, and automate responses to threats enterprise wide.

Linktech Australia can ensure you gain visibility and control over security tools while getting guidance on how to improve your security.

Identity and Access Management

In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, IT professional services need to protect corporate assets while empowering user productivity at any location at any time. Enterprises need control to allow the right people to access resources under certain conditions while blocking access under other circumstances.

Microsoft 365 allows Linktech Australia to help you protect identities, proactively prevent compromised identities from being abused, access controls, and stop breaches before they escalate in severity.


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