Let’s get the most from Microsoft and its various tools like Office 365, Teams and more.

As a Microsoft Partner, Linktech Australia has specialist knowledge in implementing and supporting all the latest Microsoft Business Applications which include; Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

OneDrive vs SharePoint vs Azure Files - SharePoint

OneDrive vs SharePoint vs Azure Files

A long time ago, sharing files with others involved sending large emails or using an external hard drive or a USB stick. In the business world, files were uploaded to an internal server and could only be accessed within the business network. Cloud computing has revolutionised the way in which we share files and collaborate. We can…

Azure Managed Services - Stock photography

Azure Managed Services

Azure Managed Services is a term that gets thrown around the technology space quite a bit. But what does it mean, and how can businesses take advantage of this offering to make their business run more efficiently and effectively in this new digital world? What are managed services? Managed services is the outsourcing of technology…

Windows 365: The new era of cloud computing - Cloud computing

Windows 365: The new era of cloud computing

Microsoft have done it again! On August 2, be prepared for the computing world to change yet again when Microsoft release Windows 365 – their hybrid solution that should fit seamlessly into our increasingly hybrid lives. With Windows 365, you will be able to stream your personalised windows experience – including desktop, apps, settings, and content –…

6 Ways to Optimise Microsoft Azure Costs - Microsoft Azure

6 Ways to Optimise Microsoft Azure Costs

Costs are an important part of business, but it’s even more important to know the tricks to reducing them in the most practical ways. Microsoft Azure can be used to reduce the cost of your cloud computing. Azure is a managed service that includes more than 200 services and supports all major operating systems, programming languages,…

Tips for a secure M365 experience - Self-employment

Tips for a secure M365 experience

There is no doubt that a Microsoft 365 subscription can provide your organisation with everything you need to boost workplace productivity and enhance operational acuity. But regardless of the positives that Microsoft 365 can bring to your business, you’ll get the most benefit if you ensure that you and your employees engage in the right…