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Identity & Access Management – the foundation for digital trust

With the rapid pace of the digital revolution, organisations are under more pressure than ever before to provide a seamless and secure customer experience. Identity and access management (IAM) is a critical component of digital trust. It helps organisations protect their data, systems, and customers by giving them control over who can access what they need. Unlock the benefits of IAM for your business today!

Enhanced productivity

Reduced overheads

Increased security

Centralised access control

Continued compliance

Improved business agility

Authentication - Multi-factor authentication

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Identity and Access Management is the backbone of every organisation that stores or processes sensitive data digitally, and in today’s digitally connected world, your organisation is trusted more and more with personal data every day.

Identity and access management solutions create a secure environment for your business to process, store, and manage user identities and access privileges across your entire organisation. A comprehensive identity and access management solution will also provide tools to monitor compliance with policies, detect suspicious behaviour, respond to security incidents, integrate with other enterprise applications such as HR and payroll systems, and much more.

The safer & easier way to manage access

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the process of managing authorisation for access to resources. IAM environments are often complex, with many different stakeholders, applications, and types of users, so it’s important you partner with the people who have the right expertise. Linktech Australia will take care of your IAM security policies and make sure your business receives:

User identification and perfect role assigning

Safeguarded data, systems, and information

Monitored and managed user and access rights

Provisioned and de-provisioned resources and entities

IAM-governed systems, information, and processes

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