Advanced endpoint detection and response for IT teams

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Extend your security team with managed endpoint detection & response.

Detect attacks on sensitive data assets and neutralise incidents before they become a breach

Industry-leading protection.

Stop breaches before they start.

Hunt down stealthy threats.

Add expertise, not headcount.

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Respond With Precision, on any device.

Take action even if the device is not physically present. Remotely access devices to perform investigations, manage software, or remediate issues.

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Add Expertise, not headcount

Reduce the time it takes to investigate and solve suspicious activity. Linktech Australia’s EDR service gives your IT team the added capability without needing to hire any additional staff.

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Automated threat management

Identify and classify suspicious activity with advanced machine learning

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Prioritised indicators show you where to focus

Quickly search for potential issues across your organisation.

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Smart Search make better decisions

Contextual search allows you to ask questions directly to find issues quickly. Ask detailed questions when hunting down threats and strengthening your IT security operations posture.

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AI-Driven endpoint security

Reduce your reliance on hard-to-find security experts with on-demand threat intelligence. Allowing you to reverse engineer files with machine learning-based malware analysis.

Powered by the strongest protection

Combine EDR with the industry’s best endpoint and server protection. Blocking threats before they need investigation, leading to a lighter workload and less noise so that you can focus on other critical tasks.

Block unknown threats

Deep learning technology detects malware even when it hasn’t been seen before

Stop ransomware

Anti-ransomware protection stops crypto lockers encrypting files and rolls them back to a secure state.

Remove exploits

Exploit prevention protects and stops dangerous attacks

Deny hackers

Stop hacking attempts used for credential harvesting, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.