Managed Desktop Support Services

Empower your employees, take a strategic outlook of your IT, improve security and minimise risk with managed desktop experts.
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Do more with less: improve security and minimise risk.

Get the reliability and stability you need to keep the lights on, stay secure and operational.

Take care of your business with day-to-day user and technical support, security, data backup and recovery and mobile device management.

Whether you require ongoing IT support services or hands-on maintenance, we create custom support plans that suit your needs and business goals.

Service desk and end-user support

Get support from a local managed service desk provider, with extensive experience delivering end-user support services. Our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, helping your employees’ lifestyles, and your business’ bottom line.

  • IT asset life cycle management;
  • Software asset management;
  • On and off-site support;
  • Complete break to fix services;
  • Desktop configuration and application management;
  • Private and multi-cloud backup services.

Technical Support

Relax knowing that your technical issues are supported with experts that can handle all of your IT requirements from server configuration and maintenance to back up and disaster recovery.

Streamline your IT management, with readily available support that ensures optimal management of your infrastructure hardware, software and network systems.

It doesn’t matter if your users are onsite or remote, we will give you the best technical resources to resolve any challenge as the occur.

Why choose Managed IT Support?

Find issues before they occur, we proactively monitor your entire network. We pride ourselves on our support, service, technical skill set and speed to resolve your network and system issues.

  • 24/7 support – give your end-users and internal technical team the support they need, when they need it;
  • Expert support – we are committed to the most rapid resolution possible;
  • Accountability – our team is directly linked to client satisfaction;
  • Flexibility – remote and on-site assistance that makes sure your IT infrastructure is efficient, reliable and cost-effective;

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