Enterprise Single Sign-on for Health Care and Aged Care

Simplify Access To Patient Management
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Linktech Australia is focused on providing integrated solutions and services for Identity and Access Management.

Our partnership with Healthcast is providing solutions that are designed to strengthen security and increase productivity. These innovative solutions include an enterprise SSO Suite that speeds secure access to patient information and clinical applications, Secure Badge Access to local and virtual desktop environments, Accurate Patient Identification, and Multi-Factor Authentication methods to provide an extra layer of security.


Healthcast’s dedication to the healthcare industry has allowed them to design innovative solutions over the last 20 years.  Top-ranked by KLAS Research in 2017 and 2018, Healthcast solutions are strengthening security and HIPAA compliance, providing clinicians with streamlined workflow and more time every day to spend with patients, whilst eliminating unnecessary challenges for IT Departments.

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Enterprise SSO Badge Access to VDI

Healthcast’s award-winning SSO and badge access to VDI solutions are available on multiple platforms and supported in mixed environments, incorporating a variety of unique features and functionality.

Multi-Factor Authentication

HealthCast provides a variety of multi-factor authentication methods integrated into our solutions, designed to strengthen security and keep patient information secure.

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Accurate Patient Identification

Our solution uses Iris and Facial Recognition to accurately and hygienically identify patients; eliminating overlays, multiple medical records, medical errors, etc.

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